Donation Info

Donation Disclaimer:

By following the below link and clicking the Donate button you understand and agree that you are not buying a product.
This is considered a donation, which the server chooses to reward with it’s own means.
Any money donated is put toward keeping the server alive and running.
This is a non-profit entity that uses a money pool to help sustain itself and facilitate it’s community.
These donations are not required by anyone and are not required to be refunded.
By clicking the paypal link you agree that the money you are donating is for the server and not for any goods or services.
We encourage you to speak with the administrator directly in the case of user-error when making donations for the possibility of receiving a refund.
It is at the administrators discretion to refund said transactions.

NOTE:   None of the Odins’Ark Servers are pay to win

All Donations to Odins’Ark is used to keep the server alive. Ways Odins’Ark does this is.

1.) Using donations to upgrade the machine the servers are hosted on.

2.) Use donations to sponsor the server on for a better population.

3.) Donations can be used to purchase raffle prizes to award the community in the montly raffle.

NO Donation is used for personal gain, and will never be used as such.

All Donations Will grant you two things.

1.) Raffle tickets for the monthly raffle.

2.) Discord Roles with added perks per role
(For more information on this, please join the discord)

No Donation is required, but Odins’Ark has compiled some ways to simply say “thank you” to those who wish to donate their hard earned money to keep the server alive. Please join our discord for ALL Donation perks.

NOTE – When donating, please include your Discord Name,Steam Name OR In Game Name (in the note on the donation page) to prevent any confusion. And to prevent donations from becoming “Lost”

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