PVE Rules

PVE Rules

General Rules


  • No Pillar/Foundation Spam as a way to “Block off players from Building”

  • No racism or verbal bullying ingame. zero tolerance is in effect for this rule.

  • No hacking or abusing any game bugs and game exploits.

  • No building in caves that include artifacts or loot crates.

  • No placing ANY structure to block an entire area.

  • No blocking resource spawns with random structures or small bases.

  • No placing any structure for future building or holding any spot even if its temporary.

  • Random buildings found will have ALL TRIBE structures wiped from map on a case by case basis by an admin.

  • So if you have a new person in your tribe, make sure they did NOT build random buildings on the beach or any location.

  • Do not build/block player spawn locations.

  • Do not block obelisks.

  • Each Tribe is permitted to 2 bases, and one sizeable water pen.

  • No dropping or leading dinos into someones base for the purpose of killing their dinos or destroying their base

  • Taming pens and taming boxes must be removed within 24 hours of use, Those to fail to comply to this rule will result in an admin removing it